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Providing Excellence with Latest Technology Since 1988

Proton Power Control Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1988 with a vision to provide innovative products and reliable solutions for optimum power management, Added many more professional electronic systems and products through in-house Design and Development.An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with CE certified products catering to applications for the following industries:

Featured Products


Alarm Annunciator Panels

Prompt detection and rectification of any system failure or mal-operation is of vital importance for any power or process plant. PROTON Alarm Annunciators continuously monitor the various process parameters and equipment status in power-stations, process plants and these parameter are displayed at centralized control room or on control panel. PROTON Annunciators stand for instant alarming of any abnormal condition occurs during process and protect the valuable equipments. PROTON Annunciators ensure the higher order of reliability and thus provide a comprehensive service to the industry for monitoring, alarm and control of process plant parameters. These highly advanced and compact systems use the latest single chip micro-computer technology for it's design and offer multipoint annunciation with operating sequences as per prevailing standards and with many optional features as indicated aside.

Protection Relays

The first protective relays were electromagnetic devices, relying on coils operating on moving parts to provide detection of abnormal operating conditions such as over-current, over-voltage, reverse power flow, over- and under- frequency. Microprocessor-based digital protection relays now emulate the original devices, as well as providing types of protection and supervision impractical with electromechanical relays. In many cases a single microprocessor relay provides functions that would take two or more electromechanical devices. By combining several functions in one case, numerical relays also save capital cost and maintenance cost over electromechanical relays. However, due to their very long life span, tens of thousands of these "silent sentinels" are still protecting transmission lines and electrical apparatus all over the world. An important transmission line or generator unit will have cubicles dedicated to protection, with many individual electromechanical devices, or one or two microprocessor relays.


A.C CONTROLLER is provided with independent power supply for each AC. Controller can work with any one or both power supplies.Under normal working condition at Power, depending on the Room Temperature & Set points IDFAN1 & ODFAN1 will be started after Fan Start up Delays. Compressor will be On after Cp1 Startup Delay & after Startup Delays of IDFAN2 , ODFAN2 .Cp2 will be started if required ( depending on room temperature ).

Motor Controller

Primary cause of motor failure is excessive heating, which is sustained over long time periods will result in motor burn out. Overheating also reduces the life of motor. If a motor is continuously overheated by just 10 degrees, its life can get reduced by almost 50%. Overheating normally occurs due to Over Current, which in turn may be due to over load condition or low voltage or phase failure or phase unbalance. Current unbalance in motor is best represented by the presence of excessive negative sequence components in the motor current. Consequently it is necessary to protect motors against negative sequence. Considering the above details, it can be easily concluded that a Motor Protection Unit (MPU) will provide an effective protection to the motor as it is equipped to measure the negative sequence component level in the motor feeder.

Water Treatment

We have been engaged in design; manufacture and marketing of pump motor protection panels for more than a decade. The range varies from low HP pumps to Higher HP pumps.
Since these applications largely involved water pumps for various applications, like level control etc, it was natural for us to extend our expertise to water treatment and related controls.
We thus have been manufacturing pump starter panels, catering to water filtration plants, especially having compatibility with widely used Multi Port Valves for Sand, Carbon, Softeners and third party Water controllers for over 3 years. Having understood the intricacies of water treatment industry, we then went on to develop Water controllers and are offering different models depending upon the complexity of the Water plants.
These range from small Water plants to large Water plants. These Water controllers are designed around latest state of the art technology microcontrollers. We offer models having connectivity all crucial instruments that are used in Water filtration.

Digital Panel Meter

Digital Panel Meters perform digital processing on or conversion and display of voltages, currents, other analog signals, and pulse signals. They can also compare input values to set values, transfer data, and perform other functions.

Dosing Pumps

Salient Features:

  • Compact and good aesthetics
  • Double Ball NRV
  • Built in AIr release valve
  • Solid PTFE diaphragm for longer life
  • Time tested electronics for reliable performance
  • Adjustable Stroke frequency