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Manufacturers of :
Microprocessor Based Alarm    Annunciator
 Microprocessor Based A.C. Controller
Sensicool Controller
Damper Controller
Cell Site Controller
Digital Panel Meters
Digital 3-Phase Auto Voltage /    Current Scanner
Scanner Without Display
Motor Protection Relays
Digital Panel Meter
AC / DC Power Monitor
Line Frequency Meters
AC Voltmeter
Voltage Scanner
Temperature Indicator
A.C. Controller for ATM

Single Phase Preventer 1
Single Phase Preventer 2
Frequency Monitoring Relay
Phase Correction Relay
Digital Temperature Indicators /    Controllers
Winding Protection Rrelay
Phase Selector Relay
Earth Fault Relay
VAF Meters
RPM / Frequency Indicator
AC Ammeter
Three Phase / Single Phase Voltage    Monitor
Process Indicator
Humidity Indicator
Fire Protection Panel
2AC Controller
AC Controller
Microcontroller For Air Conditioners
3 Phase VAF Meters : ( Digital 3 Phase Auto Voltage / Current Scanner )
3 Phase VAF Meater
3 Phase VAF Meater
Digital 3 Phase Auto Voltage / Current Scanner
Introduction :
VAF meter displays the Phase-Phase Voltages RY, YB, BR in the first row, Second row displays R-Phase frequency & Third row Displays the Ampere Values of the three Phases, In the scrolling pattern. According to the display corresponding phase Led will be ON.
  Technical Specifications :
Supply: 3 Phase 415 V AC, 50 Hz [R, Y, B, N]
Resolution: 1 V for Voltage, 0.1 Hz for Frequency, 1 A for Current >=100 & 0.1 A for Current<100.
Display: 3 Digit 0.5”, Common Cathode bright RED 7 seg.LED display.
CT Ratio: Settable 30A/5A to 999A/5A .Default 50A/5A.
Frequency: Frequency Display for R-Phase.
Password: Separate Password For setting Ct-Ratio & Current Calibration (Offset)
Field Calibration: Current Calibration (Offset) can be done at site
Hour counter: Hour counter up to 65535.0 hrs (Resolution 0.1 = 6 minutes)
Cutout Dimensions : 96 mm X 96 mm X 65mm
Genset Panels, Electrical Panels, Electrical Test Benches, Compressor Motors